Our Viva!

Savannah South KOA • Richmond Hill, GA • AUG 5, 2015


DAY 70

At the beginning of our western trip the end seemed so far off—and it was, as 70 days on the road is a long, long time. Well, the end is here, as we are camping for the last night tonight, and will make the drive home tomorrow.

Today was a big day—424 miles. We drove farther than expected because a semi overturned on I-77 around 4:30 a.m. and had traffic backed up for hours. Fortunately, a flashing sign on the side of the road alerted us to the accident and we were able to take a detour. It was quite lengthy, but much better than creeping along for miles.

We were tired by the time we reached the KOA. We were assigned a shaded spot. The temperature was in the mid-90s all day, so shade was imperative. This turned out to be another nice KOA. The pool was huge, but we didn’t use it as we’ll be home tomorrow and our clubhouse pool is great. The dog park was nearby. It was very tidy, and in the top two or three of all the dog parks we’ve had on this trip. Tybee and Zoe were pleased.

Not much else to say about this stop, other than we are so ready to get home. It’s been a wonderful, amazing trip filled with beautiful sights and exciting adventures. We both feel so incredibly lucky to have been able to spend 70 days on the road. We shared our stories and our photos on this website, and we hope you enjoyed traveling along with us, at least in spirit.

We’ll be taking the rest of the month to catch up all the things we couldn’t do while we were away. We’ll also give the Viva a thorough cleaning and perform some maintenance. She was a reliable little workhorse, and of course we couldn’t have made this trip without her! We also want to thank Ken and Betty, J.P. and Lois, and John and Christine for watching our house, watering our plants, and getting our mail. Good friends all. We’ve also heard that our neighbor Tom has kept our yard mowed and looking great, and we appreciate all he has done as well.

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