Our Viva!

A.B. Camping • Cheyenne, WY • JUN 2, 2014


When we ordered our Viva in March, we started doing weekly internet searches to see if we could find anyone anywhere in the country who had actually taken delivery of a new Viva. We were told that almost all of the units coming off the assembly line were being bought by dealers to put on their lots. Not many people buy a brand new RV model, especially one as radically different as the Viva, until they have seen a few on the road and had a chance to read some real-world experience reviews. Well, we didn’t want to wait so we took the plunge, and we were searching to see if anyone else was as intrigued by the Viva as we were.

Rick was doing one of his web searches when he came across the website of an RV dealer in Wyoming. There was a short piece about a couple from Cheyenne who were the proud owners of the first Viva sold in that state. Their names were Tomas and Connie, and the RV dealer had posted their picture on the website, standing beside their new Viva.

We contacted Tomas and Connie via e-mail, and they were as excited as we were to connect with other Viva owners. In an interesting coincidence, well before we even knew of Tomas and Connie, we had plotted our route out west and it took us through Cheyenne. We mentioned this to Tomas and Connie, and they generously offered to let us stay at their home as they had installed RV hookups on their property. We declined their kind offer as we had already made camping reservations at A.B. Camping, so we asked them if they would consider coming over to meet us, if they weren’t too far away. Well…they lived just several blocks from the campground! What are the odds, that the only other people we knew who had a Viva would live in a western town that we were passing through, and just a couple of minutes from the campground where we would be staying!

Tomas and Connie came over in their Viva and we had a great time comparing notes and sharing tips. They are great people, and we hope to meet up with them on the road again someday!

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