Our Viva!

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area • Flagler Beach, FL • DEC 12 - 15, 2016


..and back to Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area, four nights on the beach on Site 21!

We arrived on Monday in the early afternoon. We leveled, hooked up, and Rick moved the picnic table to a better spot. As he was dragging it through the sand, he felt a couple of insect bites on his legs. He didn't think much about it at the time, but he would realize at that moment he had been assaulted by a swarm of no-see-ums (for his previous encounter with these tiny, nasty bugs, see the log entry for DEC 21, 2015). He has a strong reaction to the bites (see photos), but he didn't start breaking out until Tuesday. He was miserable Tuesday evening, but thankfully better by Wednesday. Linda? No bites at all…

We took long walks on the beach, watched gorgeous sunrises and a beautiful full moon rise over the ocean, rode our bikes, went to High Tides at Snack Jack two times, hiked the trails on the Riverside, enjoyed two campfires with vegan hot dogs and vegan marshmallows, watched dolphins frolic just off shore, and…time to pause for a breath! Rick went for a 4-mile run in preparation for this coming Sunday's Mount Dora 5K (in which he would place 2nd in his age group, and 25th overall in a field of 463 with a time of 24:33). We met Sam and Shirley from Homosassa Springs, and also a couple from Port Orange who were camping in their son's 2017 Winnebago Trend (the twin of our Viva, same floorplan). Linda attended a sunset presentation conducted by a Ranger who talked about the moon and tides.

The weather was perfect until a brief shower on Wednesday. It did turn cold and very windy on Thursday night, but it was nearing the end of our stay so we weren't upset. A guy on a bicycle tour camped next to us in his tent, and we shared our firewood, starter log, and water with him. We admired his willingness to ride long distances on his bike and tent camp along with way, but that's not in our future!

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