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Little Manatee River State Park • Wimauma, FL • MAR 10, 2019


Finally! After living in Florida for over eleven years and having the Viva for nearly five years, we set out to see Everglades National Park for the first time! It won’t be a long trip—just six nights—but it’s good to be on the road again.

Florida is a mostly flat state, so we were surprised when we saw large hills in the distance in the area of the small town of Mulberry. As we got closer, we realized the numerous hills were landfills—so unsightly! We were glad to see them slowly fade away in our rear-view mirror.

Our first destination was Little Manatee River State Park, which we chose because it’s in Wimauma. You may not have heard of this little town on the edge of Tampa, but the population is exploding with the addition of several new large developments. In fact, four couples—and long-time friends from Mount Dora—have relocated to Wimauma in the last 18 months, and we even briefly considered a move here. One couple, our dear friends Ken and Mary, came out to the campground for several hours and we had a great time with them, as we always do.

The campground has a natural setting, nestled in the woods similar to Anastasia State Park. Although all thirty sites were occupied, it was quiet and peaceful our entire time here. We hope to return for a longer stay in the not so distant future, to see all of our nearby friends who used to live in Mount Dora.

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