Our Viva!

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area • Flagler Beach, FL • SEP 20 - 22, 2016

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It was hard to believe that almost seven months had passed since our last visit to our favorite Florida campground, Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area on Flagler Beach.

It was a short, 3-night stay, and nothing out of the ordinary happened—but the ordinary here is outstanding. We saw beautiful sunrises, which Linda captured with her camera. We walked the beach separately and hand-in-hand. On one of Linda's solo walks she rescued a beached starfish by putting him in deeper water. Rick found a huge moth that was struggling to escape the tide, and safely placed him in the vegetation near the dunes. We aren't sure if either tiny being survived, but at least we tried to help them.

We rode our bikes along A1A to downtown Flagler Beach. Rick spent some time bodysurfing and proclaimed that he was still the World's Greatest Bodysurfer. Linda watched from the beach as the ageless show-off did his thing. Rick took Zoe on two mile runs in the early morning, before it was too hot to run. Zoe and Tybee enjoyed several walks on the great nature trails in the Riverside part of the park. We had a nice campfire our second night, and weren't upset when heavy rains our last night soaked the campground.

We met a nice family from Georgia—a young couple who traveled with a small daughter, a grandma, and two dogs. Their aunt and uncle were camped across from us. On Day 2 a couple from Germany camped on the other side of us. His name was Otto, but we didn't get his wife's name. They flew to Orlando and rented an RV to go to a family wedding in Chicago. They were on their way back to Orlando to turn in the RV and fly back to Germany, but they had enough time to spend a couple of nights here.

We always hate to say goodbye to this place, but at least our next visit is not that far off!

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