Our Viva!

Blue Spring State Park • Orange City, FL • NOV 24 - 25, 2015


We had been to Blue Spring State Park before, in mid-winter when there were several hundred manatees enjoying the warmer waters of the springs. This was our first time camping there.

When we arrived at our assigned spot we found that recent heavy rains had carved a washout the length of the site. The washout had also resulted in a marked slope which would make leveling the Viva a challenge. To further complicate matters, our leveling blocks sank into the soft, still damp sandy surface. Not working! We drove back to the office and asked for and were given another site.

We hooked up the Viva and unpacked, then took the dogs on a long walk around the springs. It was beautiful. We saw a few manatees and heard that less than twenty had been spotted. The mass influx would begin when temperatures started dropping.

At dusk Rick built a fire. Just as it started roaring, the raindrops began. The rain forced us inside, but it wasn't strong enough to put out the campfire. Still, the fire wasn't nearly as enjoyable watching it from inside the Viva as it would have been sitting next to it with a favorite beverage in hand. We had taken the Viva in for service, and the seal around the window was fixed (see the August Anastasia State Park blog entry), so at least all of the rain stayed on the outside.

We took another long walk with the dogs the next morning. We hoped that our only bump in the road would be the first site we were assigned, but after returning from our walk we found that we had lost power. Linda called the park office and learned that the electric outage was park-wide, and that it was a two hour, planned outage. It would have been nice if they had told us that at check-in! Two hours stretched into four. Then it started raining again…

So, this wasn't our most enjoyable camping experience, or even close to it. Still, this is a lovely setting and we will return!

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