Our Viva!

Fisherman's Cove at Lake Harris • Tavares, FL • MAY 28, 2017


We hadn't camped in the Viva for well over a month, so we decided it was time to blow the dust off and hit the road again. Well, not really hit the road, just drive about 15 miles to the campground where we also keep our boat in dry storage—Fisherman's Cove at Lake Harris.

Our Viva turned three years old on May 27, and on May 28 we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary (photo above was recent, but not this trip). We spent the day on the water, and made our 261st and 262nd trips through the Dora Cana. It was hot—mid-90s!—and there were hundreds of boats on the lakes. After relaxing back in the Viva (where Rick was able to watch the final three laps of the Indianapolis 500), we went for a sunset cruise that we cut short due to clouds, winds, and choppy waters.

We booked two nights, but it was so hot and Tybee was in some discomfort, so early on the 29th Linda drove home in our car with Tybee. Rick and Zoe went for another boat ride, including two more passages through the Dora Canal. As you can tell from the photo (click link below), Zoe loves the boat! After the boat ride, Rick unhooked the Viva and headed home with Zoe in tow.

It will be a few weeks before our next trip because, after 9.5 years in Mount Dora, we are moving to Tavares. We'll be almost right across the street from our boat, and the Viva will be in a secure RV lot where we can put a cover over her. Plus, with virtually no yard work to do(Rick finally agreed to having a lawn service), we'll be able to take a trip in the Viva on a moment's notice without worrying about finding someone to take care of the yard. That will be great!

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