Our Viva!

Silver Springs State Park • Ocala, FL • MAR 30, 2017


Silver Springs—one of the most iconic attractions in "old Florida," with its glass-bottom boats that traverse the crystal clear springs, lush vegetation, and abundant wildlife. Linda enjoyed a day here back in the '60s when she was attending Stetson University. We brought our daughters here twice when they were young. We bought an annual pass to Silver Springs when we moved to Florida in 2008. And Rick came here with granddaughter Elizabeth when we gave her a trip to Florida for her high school graduation present. This was, however, our first camping trip to Silver Springs State Park.

The camping sites were large, fairly level, and had full hook-ups, which is rare for a Florida State Park. Since this was a one day camping trip we decided not to bring our bicycles, a decision we regretted immediately upon arrival. Next time, bikes for sure!

Rick took Zoe for a long hike on one of the many trails at Silver Springs. There were several warning signs along the trail (see photos), noting that it was possible to encounter bears, rattlesnakes, coral snakes, wild boars, etc. Thanks for the warning! We long ago stopped counting all of the critters in Florida that can kill you.

We didn't bring firewood with us, and we had already hooked up before we thought about buying wood at the ranger station. That was for the best, because Linda started getting bitten by bugs (no-see-ums?) right at dusk. Rick was spared this time.

The next morning we drove the Viva to Silver Springs and spent about 90 minutes walking around with the dogs. It was beautiful and relaxing. There were no crowds like in years past, which was actually nice.

It took us just over an hour to get here and we had a great time. This will hopefully become a regular destination for us.

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