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The End Of The Road...


If you saw our most recent post, you know that a problem with the Viva's air conditioner cut short our summer trip to the Northeast, almost as soon as it started. You also read that we struggled with the decision to press on without AC, perhaps get it fixed somewhere along our route, or just return to Florida for repairs. We chose the last option, but with nearly every mile on the trip home we wondered if we had made the right decision. It turns out that was really our only choice. Temperatures have been extreme this summer in the Upper Midwest and the Northeast, and there is no way we could have stayed on the road without air conditioning, especially with a black poodle who demands creature comforts. It also turned out that we couldn't have had the AC fixed on the road—once back home, we took it to the dealership where we have our service work done and it was nearly three weeks later before we were able to pick it up. The entire AC unit needed to be replaced. While in the shop, the awning arms were also replaced.

Those three weeks of down time gave us the opportunity to reflect on all of the wonderful travel adventures we've had in the past five years with the Viva. It also gave us time to think about the future, and we decided to put the Viva up for sale. There was no single overriding factor—for every reason to sell the Viva, there was another reason to keep her. It really came down to the fact that Linda is the true traveler in the family, and there are places she wants to see that the Viva can't take her. She's been to Italy with her friend, Pat, but London is calling…and maybe Paris, too. Linda was looking forward to seeing Bar Harbor (Maine) this summer before the AC problems, but Bar Harbor might be on her 2020 travel itinerary as well—and she can fly there in a few short hours as opposed to days in the RV. Although it's difficult to say goodbye to the Viva, Linda will just be exchanging one mode of travel for another, with Rick being content to stay at home and take care of Zoe. Life unfolds as it is meant to be.

A nice gentleman from California—Ron, in the above photo—saw a video about the Viva that Rick made and posted on YouTube. He contacted us the same day, and a quick and easy transaction ensued to our mutual satisfaction.

Ron flew in from California today, we gave him an orientation, and then we watched the Viva drive away for the final time. It was a bittersweet moment—okay, make that a sad moment, and our eyes were definitely misty—but oh, the memories we have made, memories we will treasure for the rest of our days.

Although this is our last entry, we're going to keep our blog online for anyone who wants to read it or perhaps check out the many photos we have posted. If you have been a regular reader, we hope our posts have been entertaining.

May the roads you travel and the destinations you experience be as amazing as ours have been.