Our Viva!

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area • Flagler Beach, FL • FEB 4 - FEB 7, 2019


Not exactly a part of this trip, more of a prelude, but something we wanted to mention: for regular readers of our travel blog, you might remember when we visited our friends Park and Lois at Lake Mead RV Village at Boulder Beach (NV) on our 2018 western trip. Park was visiting family in Florida this week and stayed with us on Saturday and Sunday before leaving Monday morning. In the short time Park was here, we went to Maggies Wine Tasting on Saturday, and on Sunday we went to the always amazing Mount Dora Arts Festival, Rick and Park kayaked the Dora Canal, we made a short appearance at a neighbor’s Super Bowl party to show Park (a Las Vegas resident) our neighbor’s mini casino with slot machines in his garage, and then went back to the house to watch the game. Lois unfortunately didn’t make this trip, but it was great to see Park again.

Now, this trip…Linda woke up Monday not feeling 100% and we almost delayed our trip by a day. She felt progressively better throughout the morning, so we decided to head to Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area knowing the healing powers of the ocean, beach, and the Viva would likely do the trick—and they did. By late afternoon she was feeling much better, and we were able to enjoy a visit from long-time friends Jock and Julie who stopped by our campsite. Jock is an old college buddy of Rick’s, and he and Julie often come to Florida to escape Ohio’s winter for a couple of weeks. We had a great visit with them, as we always do. Fortunately, there was no time for Rick and Jock to play pool…Rick never wins, and has lost track of how much money Jock has taken from him over the years!

We saw perhaps the best sunrises we have ever seen, on the beach or anywhere. Just spectacular! We took a bunch of photos and it was hard to sort them down to the few we include with this post. We were the only ones who were up and out for the sunrises each morning. C'mon, people, you can sleep at home!

Rick and Zoe did their morning runs, we walked the beach collecting shells, and hiked the campground trail multiple times. Two campfires under starry skies capped two perfect evenings. We made our traditional pilgrimage to High Tides at Snack Jack for a vegan burger, fries, and cold beers on the patio overlooking the ocean (Zoe is welcome there, Rick is questionable). We met campground hosts Tom and Christine, who are full-time RVers and are currently hosting at Gamble Rogers for four months—a lot of hard work, but a great place to spend the cooler months! Our only disappointment—a rare Right Whale and her calf were spotted not too far to the south of us, and we were hoping to see them but it didn’t happen.

Speaking of walking the beach, check out the photo of the piece of shipwreck that we have written about multiple times. Sometime it is almost completely out of the sand; other times, like on this trip, it is nearly buried. Rick also found some other large, heavy, and strange object that came in on the tide (see photo), a testament to the power of the ocean.

When Friday arrived it was time to head home, but you know we'll be back again!

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