Our Viva!

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area • Flagler Beach, FL • AUG 8 - AUG 9, 2018


The last thing we thought we would do after 72 days on the road and getting home less than two weeks ago would be to load up the Viva and head out again…but the beach was calling!

Our favorite Florida campground, Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area, is almost always solidly booked eleven months in advance. People literally sit at their keyboards when the eleven month window opens and grab any site they can. The last few years, most of our stays here are when someone else had a site and cancelled. That's what happened this time—Rick went online and saw two days available and booked them immediately.

We had site 15, one of our favorites. We knew it was going to be hot, so we didn't take the bikes or kayak. Not much to report, other than Rick ran both days (Zoe got to go a part of each run), Linda walked the beach three times and Rick once, sea turtle nests were cordoned off and protected, Zoe got her walks, dragonflies were out in full force, (never seen so many anywhere!), we were treated to beautiful sunrises, and we had a scary thunderstorm Thursday night with lightning strikes within a quarter mile of us. The campground was soaked the next morning.

Oh, one other thing. If you follow our blog, you might remember photos we've shared of a large object that washed ashore decades ago. Although not certain, it is thought to be from a shipwreck that occurred just before World War II. At times the object is fully exposed; at other times it's perhaps one-third buried in sand. Well, this time it was almost completely buried! All along the beach there was a "sand shelf" that was three to four feet higher than the rest of the beach below. A Ranger said it is just a naturally occurring phenomenon, but it didn't look natural at all!

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