Our Viva!

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area • Flagler Beach, FL • AUG 25 - 28, 2014


Although a storm was far out to sea, the surf was angry and pounding the shore. If only I had a surfboard! Oh, and if only I had a surfboard and knew how to surf!

Soon after we arrived I changed into my running clothes to go for a run. Linda wanted to take a photo of me, so that delayed me by a minute or two. I then headed out on my run.

Near the entrance to the campground I saw a guy taking a picture or video of something, and a female Ranger standing beside him. When I got closer, I asked what they were looking at. She said "a baby diamondback." It was less than ten feet away, slithering along a wall towards thick vegetation. Baby? It looked at least two feet long to me. Not an adult, but more than a baby. She pointed out its track where it had crawled across the sandy drive. It wouldn't have surprised me to see it on the other side of A1A, where the natural area of the park is. But it was on the beach side of the road. She said we'll probably never see it again, but if a rattler starts hanging around the campground, they catch it and relocate it. If Linda hadn’t stopped me to take that photo, I might have been in that very spot as the diamondback was crossing the road. Linda will always regret taking that photo…

Huge waves and a baby diamondback--that was a great start to our adventure!

We took the dogs to a part of Flagler Beach that is dog-friendly, and they loved playing in the water--especially Zoe! They were worn out by the time we got back to the Viva.

And as usual: sand, sand everywhere!

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Wekiwa Springs State Park • Apopka, FL • AUG 6, 2014


This campground is about a 30 minute drive from home, so it’s a great spur of the moment getaway.

A middle-aged guy was tent camping by himself on the site next to us. He left on his bicycle early in the morning, and we didn’t see him again until that evening. No idea where he went or what he did during the day. Except for the bicycle, he was truly roughing it.

We were advised by a Park Ranger that a family of bears had been spotted in the campground the day before we arrived. I was hoping for a bear sighting, but no luck.

Check out the photos to see our new personalized license plate! We couldn’t believe that it was available.

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