Our Viva!

Lake Griffin State Park • Fruitland Park, FL • APR 26, 2018


This camping trip served three purposes: 1) to shake off the dust and see if we remembered how to camp, because it had been over two and a half months since our last outing; 2) to make sure all systems were working in advance of our upcoming western trip; and 3) to stay at Lake Griffin State Park for the first time.

We fortunately had no problems remembering how to camp, and all systems were working well, including our new Truma water heater. The Viva came with a tankless water heater, but it was quirky to operate and not very reliable. We replaced it with the on demand Truma AquaGo system, and this was our first time camping with it. We loved it! When we have time, we'll post a full review on this site, but based on initial impressions, we can highly, highly recommend the AquaGo! More info about the AquaGo if you're interested:

When we drove through Leesburg on the way to the campground we saw dozens of motorcycles…which meant it was time again for Leesburg's annual Bike Fest. The campground was packed, and it seemed like every site had a motorcycle (or two, or three, or more) except ours (hey, Linda—hint, hint!). We were expecting a raucous, rowdy group—which would have been okay by us—but it was remarkably quiet. Everyone must have been saving it for the weekend's festivities.

Our site wasn't exactly spacious, but it was fairly level, shaded, and had a picnic table and a fire ring which we utilized at night with a nice campfire. We walked the trails and saw the second largest live oak in Florida—estimated to be between 300 - 500 years old. We went down to the waterfront area of the Dead River Marsh, which leads to the Harris Chain of Lakes. Several large gators were grunting nearby, which always gets one's attention.

A short stay, but we'll be back to this campground—it's scenic, peaceful, and not far from home.

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