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Topsail Hill Preserve State Park / Gregory E Moore RV Resort • Santa Rosa Beach, FL • APR 10 - 12, 2017

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We were on the road to Top Sail by 7:30. It's about a 350 mile trip, but we would pick up an hour because the state park is in the Central Time Zone. We avoided I-75 in favor of scenic routes through long stretches of natural Florida landscape.

We arrived by early afternoon, and fifteen minutes after checking in we were hooked up and relaxing. Rick later ran three miles and the dogs got a couple of walks. On the second walk, around the loop in our section of the park, Rick stopped with Tybee and Zoe to wait while two young women backed a small travel trailer into their camping spot. Well, they TRIED to back it in! After several failed attempts, the driver got out and asked if Rick would back the trailer in for them. Good Samaritan to the rescue!

We had another great stay here, and it is rapidly climbing our list of favorite parks. There is plenty of shade, the sites are level, there's full hook-up (including cable TV, rare for a state park), a swimming pool, a tram to the Gulf/beach, great hiking trails, and the list goes on and on.

It was too hot for Zoe to run the afternoon we arrived, but she ran with Rick the next three mornings, three miles each day. Rick and Linda rode bikes multiple times, watched sunset on the beach, and took long, slow walks with the dogs.

Rick went for a 2+ hour hike on the Morris Lake Trail. He didn't see anyone the entire time, but he did see an eagle, several signs warning of gators in the area (but no gators), and a black snake that quickly slithered across the path just a couple of feet in front of him. He was live streaming on Facebook, so anyone watching at that moment could actually see the snake cross right in front of him. The hike was very strenuous, but filled with beauty and an air of adventure.

A huge Class A arrived on our second day. The wife was behind the wheel while her husband gave instructions via walkie-talkie as she slowly maneuvered into their spot. It took about ten minutes of backing, pulling forward, turning, the steering wheel, repeat, etc., but she finally made it. Rick checked the make/model of their rig on the internet, and it retails for nearly $300K. They put a small sign at the front of their spot with their names and hometown (many campers do this). Out of curiosity, Rick did a quick web search. He found out the man was retired from the Department of the Interior, and he read several articles outlining his position on the environment, endangered species, and so on. Rick found both of their Facebook pages and a list of all of their Facebook friends. In another five minutes he could have discovered their home address, how much their home is worth, how much they pay in property taxes, their ages, political affiliation, etc. Actually, we could have guessed their political affiliation! With Google Earth, we could have seen both an overhead and a street view of their house. The web can be a wonderful thing, but it's scary how much information is at your fingertips if you know how to find it…which Rick does!

As with most of our great camping experiences, this one ended too soon. But we will be back!

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